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Upcoming Events

Sun, 8 Jul through Thu, 2 Aug

Alpen Express

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"Alpen Express" plays wherever live music is desired. The 3 professional musicians come from different countries: Basti from Germany, Danilo from Slovenia and Peter from Switzerland.

These 3 sympathetic musicians also play regularly in the famous "Bierhalle Wolf" in Zurich. They are a guarantee for a great atmosphere! Every day is Oktoberfest with Alpen Express!

Thu, 2 Aug

August First Th1rstday!

Tapping Urbräu

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Our last First Th1rstday before Oktoberfest will be tapping the keg on our August Beer: Urbräu! This pale lager, lightly red colored and plateful has a malty, rich taste. So join us on August 2 at 7PM for a brewery tour, Q+A with Brewmaster Rob and a free sample of the new beer.
note: for 21+ guests only

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