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Winter Fun   /   February 19, 2019

March First Th1rstday

Our First Th1rstday will be the tapping of the keg on our March Beer: Märzen! Märzen is a rich amber beer with a smooth and drinkable malt flavor. So join us on March 7 at 7PM for the inaugural keg tapping for Märzen, a brewery tour, Q+A with Brewmaster Rob and a free sample of the new beer.

note: for 21+ guests only


Winter Fun   /   September 14, 2018


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Experience   /   February 26, 2018

Meet the Easter Bunny

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Experience   /   February 14, 2018

Easter Kinderfest

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Die Saitenspringer

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Artist in the Haus

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Experience   /   October 28, 2017

WGN Radio Spanking

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Keg Tappers

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Tradition   /   August 03, 2017

Oktoberfest Quiz

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