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Tradition   /   May 02, 2017

Celebrating May By Ed Jacobi

In the German language, May is spelled, ‘Mai” and it is a celebratory time in Bavaria. Maifest is a month-long festival that celebrates the spring and the planting in the farm fields. It is customary for these festivals to be held in and around the Maypole with food, wine, bier, music, and dancing all being central to the celebration. As a matter of fact, Maiboch Bier is the seasonal brew of the season and is arguably the best from Germany. At Hofbräuhaus Chicago, Brew master Rob Hunter creates this original brew, adhering to the Reinheitsgebot (German purity law), following the same recipe that has been served in Germany for hundreds of years. This short YouTube video clip of Rob gives you an idea of what this brew is all about: Maiboch Description The Maibaum, or Maypole, is found near the town center and is celebrated annually on the 1st of May. The tradition of the Maypole is that it is placed in a location where everyone can see the different businesses and trades that are in that particular town or city. There are two significant Maypoles in the Chicago area. One is in Lincoln Square in Chicago’s Germantown and the other is right outside our door at Hofbräuhaus Chicago. More information about the Maibaum history, including the tradition of one town stealing another town’s Maypole and holding it for ransom, can be found here: History of the Maypole We will celebrate Maifest all month long with our Maiboch Bier and dance troupes coming in and performing Maibaum dances. Check our schedule for all of the activities, including the crowning of the Maifest Queen the last weekend in May. And if you can, try to attend Maifest Chicago the weekend after Memorial Day. Hofbräuhaus Chicago is a big supporter of this community event and we’ll have our own tent. More on Maifest Chicago can be found here: Maifest Chicago So celebrate the month of May the way they do in Bavaria, and make Hofbräuhaus Chicago your destination this month. The biergarten will soon be open daily and you can experience this beautiful season in our haus! Prost! Ed Jacobi has served as Master of Ceremonies at Hofbräuhaus Chicago since it opened and is a contributing writer to the Good Times.

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