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Experience   /   August 15, 2017

Happy customers are what make our jobs worth it!

From: Abby Walsh 
Sent: Monday, August 14, 2017 8:51 AM
To: Group Sales
Subject: I Can't Thank You Enough...

To the Hofbrauhaus Team; Laurel, Jim, Steven & everyone else who made our annual event, one our employees will never forget - Thank You!!

From the very beginning, Laurel worked with my budget and vision for our event and helped me come up with the perfect menu and beer selections. She was very helpful and understanding of my ever-so-GROWING guest list; adjusting quantities and adding last minute vegetarian options, at my request.

Speaking of vegetarian options - I have never seen a tray of veggie burgers, go as quickly as yours did! They were amazing! All of the food was outstanding and having been to Germany and growing up with a German grandmother, I consider my standards a little, higher than most! Don't get me started on those sinful cookies... Everyone raved about the food, for days to come, after the event.

It mustn't go without mention, that your staff was so much fun to work with. It felt like we were apart of the same organization, setting up together, working hard and having fun and I must say overall, we enjoyed having you guys there!

I will recommend the Hofbrauhaus for any / all outdoor and indoor catering events. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned our event was your first outdoor event you've assisted with. You all presented yourselves like this was a walk in the park and you've been doing these types of events for years!

I was told by many, that in the 15, 20, 30+ years they've been with the company, this was one of the best events they've ever attended and I have you guys, to thank for contributing to their experience.

I would love to and will utilize your services again!

Thank you again, for an amazing job!!

Abby Walsh
Administrative Support

Motorola Solutions, Inc.
2520 Galvin Drive | Elgin, IL | 60124

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