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Experience   /   August 13, 2017

Lederhosen Express With Nina Returns! By Ed Jacobi

Direct from Germany, a familiar band returns to Hofbräuhaus Chicago. Johannes, Nina, and Danilo (who comes from Slovenia) bring a unique brand of Bavarian and Tirolean music into our haus. Their unique brand of music and humor bring smiles to patrons’ faces, and their outstanding vocal blend of harmonies and yodeling resonate beautifully in our acoustically friendly bier hall.

Some of the more entertaining selections you will hear from them include the Jodel Automat and Anton Aus Tirol. As the evening moves forward you will hear this band switch into more traditional American rock songs that include Piano Man, It’s So Easy To Fall in Love, and Isn’t She Lovely.

The musicians of Lederhosen Express With Nina are very friendly and approachable. If you spend a few minutes with them, they will gladly share their experiences from Germany and Slovenia where Nina and Johannes have a dairy farm and Danilo has a recording studio. They work very hard to provide a musically entertaining evening and deliver a very musical and enjoyable product. Come and hear this group while they perform on our stage this month.

Ed Jacobi has served as Master of Ceremonies at Hofbräuhaus Chicago since it opened
and is a contributing writer to the Good Times.

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