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Experience   /   August 17, 2017

Masskrugstemmen (What!?) By Ed Jacobi

Today’s German lesson features the sport called Masskrugstemmen, which literally translated means, “stein holding.” This is something we do in our haus every weekend of the year. Starting in late April, and continuing into early August, we document the winning stein holders’ times as part of the national competition. After our last stein holding qualifying date in August, the person with the best time and a guest will be flown in September to compete in the national competition held in Central Park in New York City. The winner there will then be flown to compete at the international competition in Munich, Germany – all at the expense of Hofbräuhaus! To learn more about the tradition of stein holding, or Masskrustemmen, click here: Steinholding FAQ's There are very strict rules and we follow them. To view them, click here: Official Steinholding Rules We have two contests an evening on weekends and every winner takes home a great prize from our gift shop. These contests are great fun for both the competitors and the audience, and everyone is encouraged to get excited and make a lot of noise as that’s what we are all about – the genuine Hofbräuhaus experience! So come on in and be a part of the Gemütlicheit! Prost!

Ed Jacobi has served as Master of Ceremonies at Hofbräuhaus Chicago since it opened and is a contributing writer to the Good Times.

Tradition   /   August 17, 2017

Celebrating May By Ed Jacobi

Experience   /   August 17, 2017

Kärnzeit! By Ed Jacobi

August 17, 2017

Cycle for a Cure