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Food & Bier   /   May 23, 2018

Testimonials! More happy clients! We love to throw nice events!



"You made everything easy in advance -- the managers and staff Tuesday did the same that day. Food was great and bountiful, as were the drinks. Seating and entertainment were super. Service was incredible. Flexibility and patience were abundant for our registration process at the front door checking our guests in - and for great signage for our sponsor tables."

Deborah Zartler





"Everything is going great. John and Larry are fantastic and the wait staff has been very attentive."

- Bernie





"I want to THANK YOU for all your help in planning our catering event. The open house was a hit. The food was phenomenal and we still have a ton left! Your servers were the absolute best. Stephanie did a great job coordinating and setting it all up. We will definitely keep you in mind for future catering events. Thanks again!"

Caroline Atout 
Senior Client Services Coordinator | Chicago Industrial





"8 of my 9 Regions were at Hofbrauhaus, and it was hands down the best regional dinner we have ever planned. In the past, the regions have tried to go to the same place and it has failed miserably. You guys got it right!! I have never seen so many attendees stick around for so long. I had to cut mine off and close the tab and they still In fact, some from the missing region joined up with us after their dinner. We had such a great time that several groups have already asked to return to you guys next year. We are not sure on which hotels we will be in for next October yet, but if we are in your area I will be reaching out to you to do a planned full conference dinner with you."

Andrea | Ball, CSP
Region IV Vice President
American Society of Safety Engineering




"Our family birthday event for Joe's 70th on August 26th was a total success. Everyone continued raving about Hofbrauhaus afterwards. You could not have been more accommodating! The backroom fun and the sausage towers were such an amazing addition and for that I am truly grateful. Our waitress Samantha was outstanding. She was so attentive and right there to help with any concern."

- Pat Hduetz




"I just wanted to say that our luncheon was absolutely delicious! Everyone was raving how good everything was. Thank you so much for all your help.

Thank you again and I look forward to working with you again in the future."


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