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Upcoming Events

Wed, 26 Jul

150 Year Leini/HB Collaberation Beer Party

Details coming, Meet Dick and John Leinenkugel tap the keg of the collaboration beer. Open to the public at 630PM

Thu, 29 Jun

Four C Notes

7pm Park concert: Four Seasons/Jersey Boys tribute & fireworks!

Sat, 8 Jul

Barrington Brew Fest

Great event...2nd year at this one!

Tue, 4 Jul

Heartache Tonight

7pm concert: Eagles tribute band and Fireworks

Thu, 6 Jul


7pm concert: Led Zeppelin tribute! Fireworks afterward

Thu, 13 Jul


7pm concert: 60's/oldies and fireworks!

Thu, 20 Jul

The Rush Tribute Project

Rush tribute band and fireworks afterward

Tue, 11 Jul

Hillbilly Rockstarz

Country concerts in the Park

Thu, 27 Jul through Fri, 28 Jul

Atomic Punks

Van Halen Tribute band and fireworks afterward

Tue, 18 Jul

Broseph E Lee

Country concerts in the park

Tue, 25 Jul

Ashley Mcbryde

Country concerts in the park

Sat, 26 Aug through Sun, 27 Aug

Brookfield Zoo Brefest

Brews with the Animals!